advent calendars

Over ten years of counting down to Christmas online
Click on the links below to see each calendar from over a decade of Decembers. You can still open ALL the windows on Hunt Emerson's Christmas Countdown. The others still have the windows for Christmas Day left to open.

link to a badge collector's advent calendar

A Badge a Day 'til Christmas - 2019
Cover a Christmas jumper with badges

Jolly annual calendar

Jolly Old Annual for Boys and Girls - 2018
Retro Christmas entertainment for all

advent shopping advent calendar

Christmas Shopping Calendar - 2017
The ultimate set of Christmas collections

animated reindeer calendar

Deck the Tree (with reindeers) - 2016
Animated reindeers on the xmas tree  

silent songs calendar

Silent Christmas Songs musical quiz - 2015
Dum di diddle di dum puzzles to solve

hunt emerson christmas countdown calendar

Hunt Emerson Christmas Countdown - 2014
Animated cartoon characters take over

retro Christmas decorations

1. Retro decorations - 2013 - all platforms
 2. Flash version for mac and pc

Christmas cake advent calendar

1. Christmas Cake html calendar - 2012
2. Flash version for mac and pc

Christmas cracker calendar

1. Christmas Cracker html calendar - 2011
2. Flash version for mac and pc

reindeer tree decorations

1. Reindeer tree html calendar - 2010
2. Flash version for mac and pc
First appearance of the reindeer collection

dolls house advent calendar calendar

Dolls House Christmas calendar - 2009
Miniature festive preparations every day