The Christmas Shopping Advent Calendar


Christmas shopping advent calendar​​

Some of the shop contents day to day on this calendar are animated - but not all (follow the link here). Who would want to animate a frozen snowman anyway! As the days go by you see the calendar becoming more and more a celebration of collections of ephemera with use of photo collage rather than than stock photography. It also brings together some elements from previous calendars. You'll recognise some of the objects used in the windows from this collection:

Christmas shopping collage elements

Using photographs for the main illustration collage work on this project was inspired by the fascinating shops that you find in Venice. The photos taken at night below were the starting point for the whole thing.

 shops in venice venetian shop

There's an option on the page to scroll down to a link under the windows for making donations to Alzheimer's research...and on the technical side, it started life as another Drupal 7 calendar as the scheduling module wasn't quite ready in time. It now sits with all the windows displayed (except for Christmas day which you can still open up) on the Counting2xmas Drupal 8 website.