Drupal and the Christmas reindeers

Having worked on the 2014 animated Countdown to Christmas, it seemed time to give our reindeer tree decorations a chance to move about, so the 2016 calendar invited you to Deck the Tree. You could enjoy the animated decorations every day up to December 25th and you can still see them all now if you're feeling Christmassy - just click on the link.

Deck the Tree advent calendar header

We have a lot of reindeers on our Christmas tree every year - a collection which started in 2010 when I constructed the first reindeer advent calendar in Dreamweaver. My first experiment with Adobe Flash animation appeared for Christmas Day that year with a special mp4 download for mobiles. The next two years saw more experimentation. Such a shame that Flash animations aren't mobile and tablet friendly. There always has to be an alternative link to a different version to avoid visitors only seeing a blank white space.

tree-reindeer.jpg  reindeer-in-a-box.gif

Using Drupal to construct the calendars it IS possible to develop just one site for Christmas that can be viewed on all sizes of media. Also individual windows CAN be animated with different speed settings and pauses while showing at the same time on the same page. You can see how much difference using Drupal made to the reindeers when you compare the old and new calendars. The advent calendars are all accessible from my calendar archive page and there are also links on the other calendar posts.