'I’ll be showing off the snazzy new ALS business cards at the committee meeting '

Marty Smith - (see ALS Bookmarks and leaflets)


'I've heard back from the people I was circulating, who all say how lovely this design is - and I think so too! Absolutely gorgeous.'

Valerie Pedlar - the John Clare Society (see logo for John Clare Society Festival)


'I just wanted to say how good I think the website looks and congratulations and thanks to Jayne. I think you've done a splendid job. I found it easy to navigate and the screen looks elegant and uncluttered.'

Valerie Pedlar - the John Clare Society see the John Clare Society website


'I thought the booklet looked superb and I think it will be a very valuable tool in selling Johnson to the general public.'

Richard Davies - the Johnson Society (Lichfield) (see the Johnson Society booklet)


'No objections at all to you using the logo work as a sample! Very pleased with the work and all your help!'

Liz Bowsher - Maximus Handling Systems Ltd (see SafeT logo)


'Jayne Wilson has re-designed Transactions this year, and I would like to thank her for her creativity and skill. The front cover and page designs are based on a copy of the Dictionary owned by the Birthplace Museum. We hope you will agree with us that it is a delight to the eye and an inspiration to read.'

Marty Smith - (see 'Designing for the Johnson Society of Lichfield' post)


'We had seen and were impressed with some of Jayne’s work, and so invited her to design a couple of new signs for us. Working closely with us, she developed two awesome signs.The whole process was completed very efficiently, and to our complete satisfaction.'

Chris Dewhurst - (see Brass Tracks, and Razzmatazz)