Design for websites

Follow the links below for examples of my websites built in Wordpress and Drupal.

Link to PattenFluidArt website

website for pattenfluidart

Alliance of Literary Societies website link

Changing Spots website

website for life coach

xmas countdown calendar link

2020 xmas advent calendar

This web design service is mostly aimed at local societies. I have found Wordpress to be an easily accessible and secure hosting service for committee members to keep group websites up-to-date. 

On each of the websites above, I have aimed to adapt a great deal of content into a simple structure with clear page layouts that are easy to navigate from all platforms, and with custom graphics wherever appropriate. My layouts are intended to work on all screen sizes for quick and easy access.

It is important that a website is easy for editors to update and maintain, and I have been known to give extra help with email advice and an instruction sheet specific to a new site when needed.