Counting down to Christmas with a musical quiz

silent songs calendar header

You can download the quiz questions and answers here. Tapping the tune out might help (tune tapping being a good family game for long journeys whatever songs are used).

Day by day you could open a new puzzle on this advent calendar and either find the solution the next day, or wait to see all the answers together on Christmas day... and as usual with a calendar produced using a responsive theme in Drupal, you could use your mobiles and iPads to see it as well. You can still see what happened on Christmas day by opening number 25 here whenever you're feeling Christmassy whatever the time of year.

The inspiration for the mad musical quiz calendar was the Archers theme tune badge invented 25 years ago. It was a simple non-electronic musical badge produced with Letraset.

dum-di-dum badge
Find out more about the dum-di-dum badge here

The Archers fan club took it up and sold loads of the dum-di-dum badge. It could be quite difficult to identify. A lot of people thought it was the East Enders theme until they got to the third line.

I decided to put together a Silent Songs calendar for Christmas 2015. at least you would know that they were all seasonal, however difficult it was to guess the answers. It did prove to be a lot more challenging than I expected.