Deck the Socially Distanced Xmas Tree

December 2020

Reindeer masks

Why the obsession with reindeers?

I’ve built up quite a large collection of reindeer tree decorations for the Christmas tree at home They're all great to photograph. They also present a fun task of imagining how they would probably move if they were left to do it on their own, which was the motivation behind working out how to construct and set the timing for animated gifs in the first Deck the Tree calendar a few years ago.

This advent calendar has given me the task of creating appropriate styles of mask for each of the reindeers to wear and introducing ways that they can carry the statutory plastic bag along with them in the animated gifs. Christmas day rounds 2020 off in the most appropriate way for this year of bubbles.

We're going through a shocking period of history - nothing that anybody expected. We’re all doing our best to get through it, with a variety of coping strategies, and an incredible assortment of different types of entertainment online, on telly and on the radio - still going strong in spite of all the problems. Not overlooking the desperate situations that many people are facing, and the essential practical community support that many more people spend ALL their time giving. Please click on the Shelter link on this year’s calendar if you can.

This mobile friendly online advent calendar (my twelfth online calendar to date), presented a new masked reindeer ready to open every day from the beginning of December, and carried on up to and including Christmas Day. It’s simply another coping strategy and an attempt to raise a few smiles.

Open Christmas Day again on the masked reindeers xmas tree calendar