NLP practitioner manual

October 2012

The brief was to establish a new design for the Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training Manuals for Balanced Approach. I felt that the manual design needed to have a feel of quality and authority. The white background throughout means that individual pages can be printed off economically and slotted into folders as required without compromising the look of the manual as a whole. The red and black work very well together.

Design for the NLP manuals

As usual, I started with providing a small selection of possible cover designs, and then developed the content style sheets to sit with the chosen cover. I then presented a few sample pages as visuals before proceeding with the whole manual. The diagrams all follow a visual theme, using greys and tints of the red with some added colour from extra illustrations used.

Jigsaw graphic

One of the illustrations that I introduced was this jigsaw piece as an appropriate graphic throughout the section of exercises. This graphic can be interpreted in a number of ways according to the nature of the exercise. It could be out of its comfort zone. It could be finding its space, protecting it, leaving it, wanting to get back to it? There are many ways to interpret the idea.